Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October Favorite Things: Chickens and Bees

One of my favorite things about living where we live now is that we finally have chickens again!  We really enjoyed having them when we lived in California!  A few weeks ago, we were able to purchase some Rhode Island Reds, not quite at egg laying age.  They've been so funny to watch, but as of yet they haven't been quite a friendly as our old chickens.  These are easily scared and don't seem very interested in us yet.  Hopefully that will change.

We have made an interesting discovery, though.  We've wondered from the start if two of our seven 'hens' were actually roosters.  I did some research into the matter today.  We have yet to hear them crow, but are 99% sure that we've got two roosters on our hands.  They've got saddle feathers, huge tail feathers, and strut around like a rooster might.  Yikes.  So, we'll what happens with that!

As for bees, they are still on the list.  At this point, I'm hoping for early spring!

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