Thursday, October 8, 2015

October Favorite Things: Restore International

It is such an honor to talk about today's favorite - Restore International!!  I first heard about Restore International after reading Bob Goff's book Love Does (which is by the way a fantastic book and I recommend you read it as soon as possible!!) Restore was founded by Bob Goff and works to change lives for the better. Whether it is fighting for freedom and human rights, or providing much needed education, they do a good work in several countries across the world.

We've heard Bob Goff speak a couple of times and are always so inspired by him.  If you ever have the chance to hear him speak, do it!!  And then, go love people...because Love Does! And check out Restore International if you are looking for an amazing group to support! Click here to find out more.

Big J with Bob Goff this past January. :)

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