Sunday, October 25, 2015

October Favorite Things: Stitch Fix!

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Are you looking for a fun, stress free way to shop? Then let me tell you about Stitch Fix!  It is so fun and extremely easy to do! Every person is different, and I personally do not prefer to go shopping for clothes.  I would much rather be outside exploring or doing any number of other things.  But clothes wear out and have to be replaced, and I occasionally have to be 'presentable'.  This is where Stitch Fix comes in for me!

To get started, all you have to do is create a profile that helps them to style you and then  schedule  the date to receive your fix. You have the opportunity to give feedback and can even create your own pinterest page to help your stylist pick what might be best for you.  Your stylist will then pick out some fun items for you to try.  Then they ship it to you, and YOU decide whether to keep all, some, or none of the clothing items.  There is a small styling fee that is charged when they ship your clothes, and if you decide to keep one or all items, that fee is applied to your total.  If you decide to keep all of the items, you get a nice discount!

My favorite part about Stitch Fix is being able to try new styles that I wouldn't normally pick out for myself!  It gets me out of my box and helps me to be more adventurous!  I have been thrilled with the pieces that have been picked out for me by my stylists!  They are some of my favorite things to wear and what I get complimented on the most!  I encourage you to Try Stitch Fix Today! It might become one of your 'favorite things' too!!


Life Made Full said...

Love Stitch Fix! Waiting impatiently for my next fix this week! lol

Life Made Full said...

PS--I hope you start posting photos of your fixes!!

Kendra said...

I don't know why I haven't in the past, but maybe I will!