Monday, October 5, 2015

October Favorite Things: Favorite Family Read-Alouds and Story Warren

I love a good story.  And I appreciate good quality literature.  I am always on the hunt for books for my boys to read (or us to read to them); books that will challenge them, inform them, and inspire them to live well. We can learn so much about ourselves and the world through a well-told story.

There are several book series that we have thoroughly enjoyed as a family.  Below are just a few of our favorite books that we have read together over the past few years.  Many of them I have talked about at some point or another here on my blog.

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The Wingfeather Saga - Book 1

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The Wilderking Trilogy - Book 1

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The Chronicles of Narnia

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The Green Ember 

With the exception of The Chronicles of Narnia, we were introduced to these books through a website called Story Warren. I really appreciate Story Warren and am thankful that there are others out there that understand the importance of imagination and want to help foster it in the hearts and minds of children and families! What a fantastic resource this site is! It is one of my favorites!! They do so much more than I could do justice talking about in a single blog post. I hope that you will check them out!  (Click here, above, or on the side bar to visit the Story Warren site!)

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