Sunday, October 18, 2015

October Favorite Things: Favorite Bloggers!

I love this quote by Bob Goff, "Everyone's leap looks different; comparison is a punk".  I don't think I'm the only one out there that has struggled with comparison, especially when there are people out there already doing what you one day hope to do!  We all have our "leap", our road to take.  It might be similar to what others are doing, but it will still be different. That's because we are all unique and we all have something to offer. That something, whether it's a gift, talent, or insight, whatever it might be, makes us ORIGINAL.  One of a kind.

That said, I wanted to highlight two of my favorite established bloggers, and one up and comer!

Monica Swanson (The Grommom) is one of my favorite's! I do not personally know Monica, but as a mom of boys, I really appreciate her perspective on life, parenting, schooling and so much more.  She just finished a series on parenting pre-teen/teen boys that was excellent, provided lots of tools and resources, and was just down right encouraging to read! I highly recommend you check the series out here, as well as the rest of her website! She just posted this banana bread recipe that I might have to try in the morning...

Shanti Landon's Life Made Full is another favorite website of mine!  And I am thrilled to say that I DO know Shanti personally.  I met her through the homeschool network the boys and I were a part of while we lived in California.  She is beautiful inside and out, has an amazing story, and has worked hard for several years to get where she is at now.  I definitely look up to her, all that she has accomplished, and the positive impact she has made in the lives of so many.  She posts great recipes and so much more! You can click the link above or check out her website here!  Thank you, Shanti, for all of your help and encouragement! P.S, I love this idea of serving a vegetarian dish once a week!

The last blogger I want to highlight, Jenn Milroy, is a new friend that I met through my son's soccer team.  She has such a positive energy about her and is passionate about helping others!  You can check out her new blog at  I'm looking forward to working with Jenn in the future!  Welcome, Jenn!

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Life Made Full said...

Thanks for including me in your favorite bloggers! I feel so honored!! Love the post!