Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Radio Silence

* This was originally posted on my other website on October 11, 2016.
I have an annoying habit. At least, it is to me.  You see, as a blogger and writer, consistency is key.  You have to write.  You have to put in the time.  You have to do the daily work to grow and get better.  It’s all about the compound effect.  But when I am wrestling with life, the unexpected circumstances that come and the decisions I’ve made, I go silent.  Instead of writing THROUGH that time, and SHARING about the struggle, I say nothing.  It’s like there is a conflict inside of me that has to be worked out before I feel like I can present myself to world again.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes the desire for perfection, and the longing to have everything figured out, paralyzes me and keeps me from moving forward.
It has been a crazy few months. Between school, teaching, sports, ministry, and personal interests, I find myself having said too many yes’s and not enough no’s. Simply put, I’m wearing too many hats.  And for the moment, I can’t take any of those hats off.  For someone who preaches essentialism and minimalism, you wouldn’t know it based on what my life looks like right now. It has been a reminder of a very important truth:
Just because you are GOOD at something,or  CAN do something, DOESN’T mean that you SHOULD do something.  And I would add that just because you are EXPECTED to do a certain something doesn’t make it right for you.
I have to pause here and tell you that I’m not saying that my life is bad or that I am unhappy with where I’m at or what I’ve got. That is far from the truth. I am so incredibly blessed by an amazing family, good friends, and community; I have all that I need plus so much more!  But it’s possible to be happy and content, and yet still recognize that you aren’t where you need to be.
I hope that you will join me over the next few weeks, as I slowly unpack the past few months,  what I’ve been up to, and what I’ve been learning through it all.  Who knows! Maybe it will be an encouragement and help to you!
Blessings ~ Kendra

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